Ethical Leadership Masterclass


Hi my friends, I am Elaine, I am your friend. My passion is to help you grow your leadership capacity who creates tremendous results by serving others well. Take the people to a daring destination – one beyond their imagination. Serve them well along the journey – focusing on their success, not on self-interest. After … Continue reading Ethical Leadership Masterclass

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U Future Leaders Summit 2016


Singapore is a BRAND. The success of Singapore was built on the basis of good leadership. It set an example in a global context which a lot of countries look up to –  especially China. Every year thousands of government officials have been sent to NTU and NUS to learn about Singapore’s system of government … Continue reading U Future Leaders Summit 2016

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Great Experience Speaking at SMART Expo 2016


Some photos from last Saturday speaking event at SMART Expo 2016. Thank you so much for Charissa Teo , I could not do this without your guidance and help. And my business partner Francis Teo, who supports my work for over 10 years.  I I could not believe I can do this, it is beyond … Continue reading Great Experience Speaking at SMART Expo 2016

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A Simple Note But Means So Much to Me


  A simple and short message but almost bring my tears out… From Jim, our founding partner with John Maxwell Team, who is a true leader. Thank you, Jim! #JMTDNA

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Code of Ethics

The Association of Professional Coaches, Trainers and Consultants Membership Code of Ethics ~ The Industry Standard for Professional Coaches, Trainers and Consultants ~ The APCTC is an umbrella body made up of professional coaches, trainers and consultants across a wide range of disciplines. Membership of the APCTC is an indicator of both the personal and … Continue reading Code of Ethics

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