Elaine’s 5 Principles of Leadership


What You Speak to Yourself Matters


Who you are is not determined and judged by others, you are the child of most love God, you are who you are in God’s eyes and you are approved by Almighty God. If you are going to fulfil your destiny, you have to shake off the negativity, fear, and intimidation, you are not lacking … Continue reading What You Speak to Yourself Matters

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John Maxwell LIVE Singapore 2016

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I am beyond excited and emotional to announce this. In fact my tears are rolling down my cheek while I pen down this. As I shared with some of you personally and even I asked you to keep me in your prayer and thank you! Without your love, support, I will not reach here today … Continue reading John Maxwell LIVE Singapore 2016

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A Live Call with My Mentor John Maxwell


A SPECIAL GIFT FOR YOU, PLEASE READ!! My mentor John Maxwell and faculty teaching team were discussing and how we could add even more value in 2016 to our clients/ team and the the people we are leading. They came up with what I think it is a wonderful and priceless gift.How would like having … Continue reading A Live Call with My Mentor John Maxwell

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A Night Spent With New Rich Woman


Last night 10th Dec 2015, we had our year-end dinner with New Rich Woman members to celebrate year 2015 and look forward the new year 2016. And I love spending time with the girls. We made it sweet and relaxed, instead of being monthly learning classroom. And the most significant experience with New Rich Woman, … Continue reading A Night Spent With New Rich Woman

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Growth Doesn’t Just Happen


It couldn’t be a better way to wake up. I am emotional, spent wonderful 9 weeks with mastermind students, it seems long but so fast! That journey and experience we had together is unique and profound to each of us, we get to know each other more, we care about each other like sisters and … Continue reading Growth Doesn’t Just Happen

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A Personal Journey to Raise Leadership Lid


What a fantastic and fulfilling experience with the mastermind team in the past 8 weeks for the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership. Thank you so much for your effort and commitment put into, made the decision to grow yourself and raise the lid of leadership. Everything raises and falls on leadership. I am so passionate … Continue reading A Personal Journey to Raise Leadership Lid

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The Power of Teamwork


2016 will be more meaningful and fulfilling. While I am teaching, I am fulfilled. One is too small to achieve greatness. The greatness to me is how I truly value and believe in people and practice teamwork in my daily work. ‪#‎JMTDNAmatters‬

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The Greatest Man Behind Me


That is the greatest man behind me, we love him and respect him so much!!!! He is a true leader in many ways, as a loving and inspiring father, as a caring husband to my mom!! Who always loves me and supports me unconditionally. I am confident in spreading my wings to soar because I … Continue reading The Greatest Man Behind Me

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My business speaking in Beijing 2015


My business speaking in Beijing 2015. I am thankful for all the people who are in the video, my family, my friends, my team, my teachers. I couldn’t fulfil my dream without you all, taught me love harder, work harder and pursuit my dreams xxxxxx

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Code of Ethics

The Association of Professional Coaches, Trainers and Consultants Membership Code of Ethics ~ The Industry Standard for Professional Coaches, Trainers and Consultants ~ The APCTC is an umbrella body made up of professional coaches, trainers and consultants across a wide range of disciplines. Membership of the APCTC is an indicator of both the personal and … Continue reading Code of Ethics

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