What a GREAT call with 92 MBAs from Beijing Normal University


Wowowow, what a great great teaching call with the 92 MBA students from Beijing Normal University. Tonight we are teaching the book ” Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn” authored by my mentor John C. Maxwell.

As I am so passionate about teaching and sharing with people, every time when I speak, I put all my heart into it, and feel like my chest is coming out too. and it requires a lot of energy. I don’t feel that during the teaching, because I am so into it and enjoying it. But after I finished and I realized I almost lost my voice and I want to be still and quite to get back my energy.

We are servant leaders and serve with heart, soul, and purpose.

Thank you for every each of you on the call to allow me to fulfill my purpose. I couldn’t do it without your love and support. And I challenged myself to learn how to use wechat for teaching.

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