Great Experience Speaking at SMART Expo 2016


Some photos from last Saturday speaking event at SMART Expo 2016. Thank you so much for Charissa Teo , I could not do this without your guidance and help. And my business partner Francis Teo, who supports my work for over 10 years.

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I could not believe I can do this, it is beyond my imagination and blows my mind, with the guidance from Charissa Teo, who helped me hugely craft my language, presentation structure and transformation mechanism. I converted 100% response with the audience who want to buy my new book You Can Create Your Life, even though it has not published yet. The experience is WOW, we made it!!!7b9486e0-a534-477f-a7cf-af3c1fe510e0-original

Great conversation with an audience after the speaking.

Thank you for a great ending, and it is a new beginning. And I asked Francis’s feedback ” is there anything I can do better?” He looked at me and said, ” Elaine, you are ready for the bigger stage”.

Thank you for my wonderful makeup artist Presna who brings the best out me.

Thank you for my dearest friend Cathy Tunguia, who called me up early morning from Manila and told me I can do this well.

120b5980-aaa1-466e-85de-a4ee2523fdb1-originalThank you all for making this successful.
#AmazingGrace #PraiseTheLord


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