I am on fire, I am nervous, I am extremely excited and I need help. I am stressed by not speaking well in mandarin to deliver my speaking in China for 7000 audiences. And some people said” it is okay Elaine, you can speak English, though we don’t understand what you are talking, but we can feel your energy and passion from your heart.” One of the organizers told me, he is a big fan of John Maxwell, wanted his material in his university and asked me when can we have Chinese programs. I said to myself ” the universe will guide me through, just trust myself, trust John, trust the process. Thank you for my dearest friend Vivonne calming down. I surrender and I feel the power.

Life will never be the same since with John Maxwell Team. No matter wherever I go, whatever I talk, I alway set that in mind, I am JMTers, that truly make a difference.

Having our Singapore JMT quarterly meeting now hosted by Temasek Poly and looking forward to seeing our team.



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