A Note to The Man I Love Deeply


The greatest man behind me always tells me ” stay calm especially in tough time.” – my Dad. He was used to be a Chinese Physician, but because of one child one policy when that time, and I am the 3rd child in the family. He and my mom lost everything, his career, our house… But he is always proud of telling people that our 3 daughters are ALL and love us unconditionally. We don’t have much money even poor when I was young, and my parents are working really hard diligently in the farming to raise us up and send us to college. In that small village, we are the only girls who have the chance to go to college. I had so much influence from my parent and top things I learned from my parent is LOVE and their Never-Give-Up Spirit and Hard Working and Can-Do Attitude, these are what I am embracing in my daily life. So every time when I do speaking in China, I bring my Dad on stage with me, that is the greatest man in our family, to love us, to protect us and always teach us, as a Dad, as husband to my mom, and as a REAL man. I love you, dad, more than anything…

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Code of Ethics

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