You Have The Power to Create Your Life


Before God do some big outside of me, he must do something big inside of me first. – John C.Maxwell

If you and I have 30 mins together, what I am going to teach…

I will teach about how to think, the greatest gap between successful people, is how you think. If only one thing I can do for you, I will teach you how to think correctly to bring you to success and fulfilling life.

Think about this question “What are you feeding your mind every day?” If you fill your mind correctly, if you change your mind, you can change your life. Because of our mind, thinking and attitude can build us or break us.

YOU are the Creator or Co-Creator in your life. The abundance you are seeking is coming and flowing into your life, relax and enjoy the unfolding.


Check out our program below You Can Create Your Life if you are ready to make a shift from where you are now to where you want to be.

We all have the tools, resources, and talent within for success, what you gotta do is bring them out and get rid of your fear with a proper guidance. Wayne Dyer taught us “ If you knew someone is walking aside you, no matter what you do, you will be never afraid anymore.” There are so many “someone” in my journey from ordinary to extraordinary, and I want to be that “someone” in your life if you only allow me to be.

Author Bio: Elaine is an entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist, speaker, coach and trainer with John C. Maxwell Team who serves leaders with a purpose. She helps hundreds of her clients, both publicly and privately to gain crystal clear clarity and direction in their life and take inspired action to live on fulfilling and purposeful life, financially, spiritually and mentally.

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