If You And I Could Spend a Day Together


I am grateful for the opportunity provided by SMART Expo HK to share my experience how I am living on my dream business right now from a very humble beginning, my ups and downs, challenges, obstacles, setbacks, my stupid mistakes, and failures. As entrepreneur and professional speaker and coach, it is not the glamorous as you see on the stage. I learn how to being humble, learn how to live with God, learn how to live with open hands and open heart, and the hardest lesson I learned when I chase money, it is so hard, really hard, but when I focus on getting myself good, better and better, adding value to people, just giving and giving, money flows into me.

I am an ordinary person but pursuing an extraordinary life and adding value to others, if I can do it, you can do it too. Come to join and support us if yon can make it, I am sure you will meet and greet with some amazing people and enjoy the experience.

I am thankful and I am full of gratitude where I am today, it is not how much I have been accomplished, it is how much I have learned, to become a better person, a better woman.




Date 24-25 Sep16

Hall D, Sands Expo & Convention Center,

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

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