Alvie’s Leadership Learning Experience with Elaine Dyer


Leadership Training Experience with Paul David

How Elaine helps David to increase his influence in the organization and shape up a better career, as well to lead a better team to help them succeed in their career development.

Nina’s Coaching Experience with Elaine Dyer

Nina is the Operation Manager from NAC Global and Business Accounting Provider, she shared her experience how Elaine helps her to boost up her confidence and live out loudly her passion.


Group Coaching Experience with Elaine Dyer

Oksana is an inspiring speaker and coach to empower female.

Leadership Coaching with Dawn Seah and Her Team

Elaine Dyer’s Leadership Training with Dawn Seah and her team, Director of Recruit Inc Singapore, the Winner for The Best Recruitment Firm by HRM Reader Choice 2016.

Recruit Inc

Wendy Kwek, Director, Singapore

Elaine was my coaching student 6 years ago. She is so passionate and enthusiastic in life, and she has such positive energy, you will be absolutely get energized when you get around her. She is a natural born motivator and speaker. I am impressed by her success by making people’s life better.


Ann Chao, Director, Singapore

I met Elaine Chow 4 years ago, she is very special lady and we become very good friends, she is full of energy, positive attitude and enthusiasm in life and her career. I really admire her encourage and hard work, and wish all the best to this cheerful and pretty young lady.


Timothy Ong, Singapore Management University Student

Elaine, Was really great hearing your sharing yesterday evening! Learned a lot of new things and refreshed many important life lessons as well. Thank you for putting in the energy and passion, I as hanging on to your every words haha. I will know who to turn to be next time for John Maxwell training and coaching.

Mai Keady, Healthy Living Nutritionist, Australia

Elaine is an ordinary person with an extraordinary ability of bringing out the best in others as well as helping individuals to develop themselves. She is an inspirational motivator who encourages you to dream big and to want.
Her program helps me find my inner strengths and influenced me to develop new thoughts, new desires and new needs to achieve success and happiness. She taught me to eliminate undesirable thinking patterns that cause challenges and difficulties, but promote success, love and happiness instead, Each of our sessions is intellectually stimulating providing me learning opportunities towards achieving my goals to its maximum and giving me valuable lessons about sales process, client experience, branding and positioning myself.

Elaine and I work closely in managing my progress and develop strategies and plans towards my desired results. Her passion and enthusiasm is contagious that it elevates my own state and raises my spirits giving me a new and fresh outlook about life and myself.

Thank you very much Elaine for giving me a clear vision of my desired life and helping me in my personal journey.


Jessica Sespene, International Author of “ 7-Year Bliss”, Singapore

I met Elaine for the Woman Entrepreneur campaign where she interviewed me and my friend Cathy Tunguia. It was a feature for my book, 7-Year Bliss and Cathy’s Mushroom Business. From then on, the interview became an avenue to nurture one of the best inspirational inner circles I had in my life. It was a life-changing blessing!

Elaine’s passion and dedication in her work reflects in every person that she meets. Equipped with depth of experience and strength of character, she is able to deliver and exceed expectations. Having over 10 years’ experience in this field and mentored by successful thought leaders such as JT Foxx and John Maxwell, she can take your life or business to the next level.

But what sets her apart is her heart- it reflects a leader with the best intentions for her clients. I am privileged to have known such a strong and confident woman. I highly recommend Elaine as a coach. She is a gem… a beautiful person inside and out. Be mentored by the best and be blown away by the gates she can help open in your life!

SG Webb, Social Network Singapore

Thank you so much for your powerful insights and sharing today, Elaine Chow. We are sure all those who attended this sharing benefitted tremendously from the knowledge and skills that you have so graciously imparted to us, really looking forward to your next session soon… A big Thank you to Chan Chee Seng and Jimmy Ng for organizing this event. If you don’t change, your success will just be luck..


Cathy Tunguia, Owner of Mushroom Farm in Philippine

Elaine, I am very blessed to meet you in this lifetime. how our friendship grows as we pursue our higher purpose is indeed a wonderful journey. Your encouragement and selfless support to me is immeasurable. I appreciate your coaching and mentorship drawn from your great experiences. Your stories have empowered me to be the best that I can be. Your high spirit and energy is contagious. It is amazing how you turn every situation so positive, I love you and thank you for everything.