The Team

Francis Teo

Co-Founder and Director New Rich Builder

Francis has more than 30 years of experience in Senior Management positions in the Financial industry having served as:

  • Senior Director – Operations at UOB Asset Management Ltd, and concurrently as Division Head – Custody and Settlements Division, UOB (1996-2011)
  • Director – Operations at Swiss Bank Corporation (1994-1996)
  • Vice President and Regional Securities Settlement Head, Chase Manhattan Bank, Singapore Branch (now known as JP Morgan Chase) (1978-1994)

While at Chase, he trained as a Management Skills / TQM trainer and conducted a series of Management Skills and Communication Skills Training courses for Singapore branch staff on behalf of the Chase Asia Training Institute.

During his stay in UOBAM, he had been invited by SWIFT and Marcus Evans (a Malaysian based training company) to speak on banking and SWIFT-related topics in Singapore, Jakarta and Taipei.

Francis was also a registered lecturer with the MOE, having conducted a number of post-graduate diploma programs with a local business school. Some of the subjects taught include Leadership and Change Management, Communication Skills, Financial Management and Human Resource Management.

He was, until recently, on the panel of trainers at DBS and UOB, delivering training courses on banking and finance topics including Asset Liability Management, product Life Cycle and Financial Intelligence in collaboration with Salmon Trust, a local financial training and consultancy company.

Francis is currently a director of two private limited companies in Singapore.

Francis holds an MBA degree from the University of Dubuque, Iowa, USA. He also holds an Advanced Diploma in Business Administration awarded by ABE, London as well as Banking Diploma awarded by the Chartered Institute of Bankers, London.


Elaine C. Dyer

Co-Founder and CEO of New Rich Builder

Elaine is an entrepreneur, author, philanthropist, speaker, coach and trainer with John C. Maxwell Team who serves leaders with a purpose. She helps hundreds of her clients, both publicly and privately to gain crystal clear clarity and direction in their life and take inspired action to live a fulfilling and purposeful lives, financially, spiritually and mentally.

World-class mentors, like John Maxwell, Joel Bauer, Wayne Dyer and Abraham Hicks, professionally train her ethically and morally. Most of the clients she is working with are Fortune 500 companies, state-owned, educational institutions and ministries. Elaine’s mission is to use leadership to add value to people, to empower entrepreneurs to be effective leaders and to make the world that we live in a better place. She is a frequent speaker at local and international events and conferences .

Elaine’s story is an amazing journey of personal and professional growth and transformation. She began her career in the corporate world as a Human Resources Assistant. She quickly rose through the ranks into senior management, whilst developing her passion for leadership. She understands that everything rises and falls on leadership. She is living on her purpose intentionally every single day.

Her passion is to help others live with abundance and joy, achieve success, choose significance, and leave a legacy. She enjoys wonderful and meaningful conversations, and loves to inspire individuals and teams to realize their true potential, excel beyond their current expectations, make a difference in their own life and help others do the same.

The principles and values taught by Dr. Wayne Dyer & Dr. John C. Maxwell and many others are the foundation for everything she does. She applies them not only in her professional life, but also in her personal life by talking it, living it, and teaching it every day! Her goal is to be a better person today than she was yesterday.

She provides Leadership Solutions for people in any organization.. Contact Elaine at 65-9825 7682 or for keynote speaking, corporate training, professional leadership development, and cultural transformation.

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