U Future Leaders Summit 2016


Singapore is a BRAND. The success of Singapore was built on the basis of good leadership. It set an example in a global context which a lot of countries look up to –  especially China. Every year thousands of government officials have been sent to NTU and NUS to learn about Singapore’s system of government and modern management.  As an immigrant myself, I am very proud of where I come from as much as I am grateful for where I am living and working today. Singapore is my home and it is my aim to continually contribute and serve this country and its people.

We are a private training firm in Singapore and are very privileged to be a strategic partner with NTUC U Future Leaders to embark on a journey of transformational leadership movement. Our mission is to develop leaders and empower leaders. 

I extend my deep gratitude to the people who are helping and supporting me in my journey. For the general public and my clients, you will enjoy a promotion rate by key in “NRB” or please email to me personally elaine@newrichbuilder.com for group tickets.

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Vivek and Julian, who have always supported my work.

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