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(This is home study program based on your flexible schedule and convenience, you will be able to access all the teaching calls and slides, notes upon the payment completed. It works for me very well, it works for my clients, I believe it will work for you too. You believe it or not, we create our life experience by our thoughts and belief system, and today is TODAY to create what you desire in your life, I am excited you are here, and the choice is yours, I am privileged to hold your hand to go through this process with you together.)

You Can Create Your Life delivers New Thoughts and cutting-edge learning and teaching designed to empower you to create the life you want and to experience greater well-being. All the top successful people in the world, like Tony Robbins, John Maxwell, Richard Branson, Elon Mask, Oprah Winfrey, the list is going on and on, all of them have one thing in common, they know how to master their mind, they are able to use their mind to create what they want in life and live abundantly and rich, spiritually, mentally and financially. If they can do, you can do it too. It is all about learning how to do it.

During the 8 sessions, you will learn and experience a powerful, proven life-changing system for positive and on-going personal transformation, acquiring specific techniques that can be taken forward into your everyday life and beyond.

Elaine is an entrepreneur, author, philanthropist, speaker, coach, and trainer with John C. Maxwell Team who serves leaders with a purpose. She helps hundreds of her clients, both publicly and privately to gain crystal clear clarity and direction in their life and take inspired action to live a fulfilling and purposeful lives, financially, spiritually and mentally.

The sole benefits and purpose of program You Can Create Your Life is to get you a place of absolute positivity, to help you begin attracting an abundance of positive experiences, opportunities, and people into your life every single day. We do create our reality and life experience.

Take A Look Other People’s Transformational Story:

After attending only five sessions of one of Elaine Dyer’s courses I came to the realisation that I could indeed influence the direction that my life was taking. Having gotten to know Elaine better since then. I have begun to appreciate her values – the commitment to providing a service to her customers that aims to provide 100% satisfaction; and her commitment to looking after herself – rising early every morning and taking a 5km run.

With her clear, simple and straightforward guidance, she has proved me with enlightenment in what I once considered to be mysterious – a way to improve my effectiveness and productivity.

I have recommended this course to my friends and would have no hesitation in recommending to anyone who is seeking to take a positive stance to improve their current situation.

Having built her own brand, she is well able to provide advise on how to link up with critical professional resources to support your business. I think this is priceless value-adding service.

— Dr. Gan Bo, Speaker, Master Trainer Emotion Energy, 

Principal, Managing Director Acuteen Academy 

After the 8 sessions programs with Elaine, I understood that our thoughts create our reality, and we are the one to create our life. Thank you, Elaine, for helping me equip myself with the right knowledge and skills to create the life I desire.   —-Anna Zhang, Language Translator

Today I learned the power of I am which I always neglect and the 5 ways to live an intentional life, how to put other people first, add value to others from your strength, connect with liked-minded people, partner with like-minded people and “I Can Do” Spirit. The most things I learned from this program You Can Create Your Life is open myself to receive abundance and blessing when I changed the way I think, my life changed in the way I desire. Thank you, Elaine, for putting this amazing program together through your own experience. —– Jaeden Teo, Business Owner

Before meeting Elaine, I felt very low, my relationships were not working. I felt totally useless in my job. After going through Elaine’s system, within 6 months, I was promoted to a managerial role and was in a loving relationship, I even started my dream business in my home country- managing a mushroom farm. Thank you so much, Elaine. —Cathy Tunguia, Business Owner

As a 35-year-old woman, I felt that I was too old to start a family. Meanwhile, I also wanted to pursue my dream of being a Doctor. As a direct result of Elaine’s system, I am now with the man whom I want to spend the rest of my life with. At the same time, I am working towards my dream of becoming a doctor. Elaine, you changed my life —Anita Bedi, Doctor

Elaine is an ordinary person with an extraordinary ability to bring out the best in others as well as helping individuals to develop themselves. She is an inspirational motivator who encourages you to dream big and to want. Her program helps me find my inner strengths and influenced me to develop new thoughts, new desires, and new needs to achieve success and happiness. She taught me to eliminate undesirable thinking patterns that cause challenges and difficulties, but promote success, love and happiness instead, Each of our sessions is intellectually stimulating providing me learning opportunities towards achieving my goals to its maximum and giving me valuable lessons about the sales process, client experience, branding and positioning myself. Elaine and I work closely in managing my progress and develop strategies and plans towards my desired results. Her passion and enthusiasm are contagious that it elevates my own state and raises my spirits giving me a new and fresh outlook on life and myself. Thank you very much, Elaine, for giving me a clear vision of my desired life and helping me in my personal journey. —- Mai Keady, Founder of

As you go through the process of the workshop, my hope for you is that you learn with an open and trusting mind.

The Course Outline: 

Session 1: The Power of I AM

Session 2: Letting Go & Manifesting

Session 3: The Power of Intentional Living

Session 4: Opening to Prosperity & Abundance

Session 5: Mastering the Art of Getting What You Want

Session 6: Meditation & Visualisation

Session 7: Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

Session 8: The Power of Intention

In the intensive and transformation program you will:

  • A free book authored by Elaine Dyer You Can Create Your Life (Value @ $27.90)
  • Know exactly what your heart most desires
  • Empower yourself with a proven, systematic approach to personal development
  • Learn the theory behind this approach and how to practically apply it
  • Determine how best to incorporate daily practices into your everyday life for positive transformation
  • Release any negative thoughts that have been blocking your dreams and replace them with a more positive belief system
  • Take time out to reflect and establish new, more productive practices
  • Shape up new beliefs and connect with love, money, and abundance in the Universe
  • Begin to see life in a new light equipped with the tools to realize your dreams
  • Become the person you were born to be
  • Make a positive impact in people’s life
  • The more you give, the more you have
  • Easily and effortlessly achieve your dreams!
  • Have the power to accomplish anything your heart desires

Workshop Includes:

  • 8-hour teaching time
  • Manifestation Free Toolkit
  • Meditation
  • Visualization
  • Daily Affirmation samples
  • Monthly refreshing and review (graduates ONLY)
  • 2 hours free private 1:1 coaching session after 1 week upon completion of the workshop
  • Daily Exercise and Practices to ensure the teaching you learn to stay with you long till becoming as natural to you
  • Instant Access to the community of like-minded and value-minded individuals
  • Exclusive Content not available anywhere else, to anyone else
  • Peer-to-peer learning experience

Note: This workshop is ONLY suitable for people who would like to learn, grow and make positive changes in life or who are ready to make a shift in life. It is suitable for you whether you are new to the principles of the Law of Attraction or you have already begun to apply them in your life.

What you need to prepare for the workshop:

  • Relax and comfort
  • Open up and receive
  • Reflect and be true to yourself
  • Trust and let it go
  • Keep calm and positive mental attitude
  • Casual and comfy wear, as you are required to participate activities during the teaching

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